Test Benches

Among the 30 test benches available to us, which can be used to test with advanced traction batteries (48 V, 36 kWh) or under extended climatic conditions (-35 °C to +200 °C) if required, are both high-torque and high-speed test benches. For the measurements, we use the following devices:

  • LeCroy (Oszilloscope)
  • Yokogawa Powermeter
  • MAGTROL Torque Measurement Shafts
  • LabVIEW Software for measurement data acquisition and control
  • Gustav Klein DC-Source with power up to 320 kW

Workshop for Metalworking

For the work on prototypes as well as the customization of our test rigs, we have extensive expertise in the metalworking of steel, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. Amongst others, in our well-equipped workshop the following machines are available:

  • CNC –milling machines
  • hydraulic metal shears
  • lathes
  • bandsawing maschine
  • various grinding machines for surface finishing
  • benders
  • sawing tools and machining tools for almost all metals


For PCB production, we can rely on our SMD laboratory. All soldering work – from microscopically fine to several millimeters thick – is carried out in-house.

Vertex Roller Dynamometer

A state-of-the-art 2-axle apex roller dynamometer (MAHA-MSR1000) (all-wheel dynamometer) is available for performance measurement on the vehicle.

It features:

  • Test speed up to 320 km/h
  • Wheel power 2x (static) max. 550 kW = 748 hp
  • Wheel power 2x (dynamic) max. 1000 kW = 1360 hp
  • Tractive force per axle 8600 N
  • E-machine per axle with drive power of 30 kW each
  • Eddy current brake per axle 700 kW max
  • Large roller diameter 762 mm
  • Tire protection due to low flexing work
  • Rolling behavior of the tire like on the road

Test Track

On the test track available to us there are two circuits – 2.3 km and 1.3 km long. The taxiway is 1.5 km long. The test site has an acoustic track, asphalt and concrete multi-purpose areas and various sections with special surfacing such as:

  • Wet track
  • Cobblestrome pavement course
  • Panel joint course
  • Rough road (dirt road)