Our competence lies in the area of:

  • Research and development of electric drive systems as well as individual components (E-machines, power electronics, control engineering, electrical systems, etc.)
  • Optimization of existing concepts through the implementation of innovative technologies
  • Evaluation of existing concepts with common simulation tools as well as testing on the state-of-the-art and powerful test benches available to us

Benefit from our experience in all disciplines around the topic of electric drives.

  • Automotives
  • Aerosystems and Nautic
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Renewable energy
  • Special applications

conceptual study and motor design

Regenerative Energien

saving of more than 3 tons of

for PMSM wind generators

magnetic material per 10 MW


direct drive wind generator

48 V ultra-light sportscar with 150 kW

800 kg weight and 36 kWh battery



Multi-Motor concept for electric boats

Several drives replace the rudder

Industrie und Gewerbe

Design of an electric drive

for a crane system


Concept study for electric motors for

unmanned aerial vehicles and drones

Aerosysteme und Nautic


Design and manufacturing of


prototype electric drive motors for


pedelecs and electric bicycles

E-drive motor for the elevators in the


World Financial Center, Shanghai