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Stimulated by the fascinating topics of the doctoral theses, the wish arose in 2006 to be able to develop and optimise versatile concepts for innovative ideas of customers – also outside the university. The Research Center for Electrical Drive Technology and Actuators Munich, FEAAM for short, was established as a flexible company and civil cooperation partner for the Chair of Electrical Drives and Actuators at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich.

Benefiting from its proximity to the Chair and its excellently equipped laboratories, FEAAM has been successfully conducting innovative research and development since 2006. In doing so, it combines many years of experience with a dynamic, up-to-date spirit of research – all in line with customer requirements.

For our satisfied customers, we now carry out far more than a decade of research and development in the field of electrical drive technology with numerous globally recognized patents and innovative approaches for the design of electrical machines and drives related to electro-mobility and other applications .

Andreas Greifelt

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Greifelt
Managing Director

Phone: +49 (0)89 6004 2792
Mail:    A.greifelt@feaam.de

Gurakuq Dajaku

Dr.-Ing. Gurakuq Dajaku
Managing Director

Phone: +49 (0)89 6004 4120
Mail:     g.dajaku@feaam.de

Waltraud Wiedenmann
Marketing & PR

Tel: 089 6004 3460
Mail: info@feaam.de

Amongst our cooperation partners are:

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Daimler AG
evum Motors
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hofer Powertrain
Die IGEL – Ingenieurgemeinschaft Erich Leitner AG
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 MMACCON Elektroniksystementwicklung und Beratungs GmbH
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