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Drive Innovations - Developing Drives for tomorrow.
our expertise

machine design

  • electromagnetical, thermal, acoustical, mechanical
  • analytical, FEM (2D, 3D)
  • system simulation
tests and measurements

  • over 20 state-of-the-art test benches up to 222 kW, 2,000 Nm or 140,000 min-1
  • fully automated, precise measurements
  • electrical machines
    • synchronous machine
      • permanent magnet machine
      • current-excited
    • induction machine
    • DC machine
    • reluctance machine
      • synchronous
      • switched
  • power net
    • more electric aircraft
    • automotive
  • power electronics
    • partial load optimization
  • control theory
  • overall system

  • automotive
    • traction drives
    • steering applications
    • wheel hub drives
    • power net
  • aerospace
    • electrical flying
    • starter generators
    • actuators
    • power net
  • industrial applications
    • pumps
    • compressors
  • renewable energy
    • wind energy generators
  • special applications
    • elevator drives


what defines us

  • many years of experience and competence in the area of electrical drives
  • flexibility and focus on our customers
  • young and dynamic company
  • innovative ideas
  • remarkable amount of patents and publications
  • extensive equipment and facilities on the premises

We, the Re­search Cen­ter for Elec­tri­cal Drives and Actu­ators, are one of the world-lea­ding en­ginee­ring ser­vice pro­viders for de­sign and tes­ting of elec­tri­cal ma­chines. Our co­opera­tion with the Chair of Elec­tri­cal Drives and Actu­ators at the Uni­versi­ty of the Fede­ral Armed For­ces Munich allows us to keep our ex­per­tise at the high­est stage and offer glo­bally unique equip­ment and possi­bili­ties.