Since 2006, FEAAM GmbH has been developing innovative approaches and solutions in order to continuously optimize electrical machines and keep them at the highest technical level.

The following is a selection of the FEAAM key technologies:

Flux-Barrier Stator with Concentrated Winding

• less space

• more torque

• higher efficiency

Magnet Saver Rotor

Concept for PMSM-Rotors with Flux-Barriers

• equal space

• same efficiency

• equal performance

• 35 % less magnetic volume

3D Excited Rotor

3D-excited Rotor

• equal space

• 30 % more torque

Dual Stator FSCW

Stator with Dual Concentrated Winding

Two-Teeth FSW

Concentrated Two-Teeth Winding

Concentrated Winding with

Intenal Phase Shift

Novel Multiphase FSCW

Novel Multiphase Concentrated Winding

Self-Excited SM

Self-Excited Synchronous Machine

Rotor excitation through

MMF harmonics