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Our end product portfolio currently includes:

  • Electric Motors:
    In cooperation with our industrialisation partners we offer electric drives for all applications, e.g. high performance outboard & sail drives in the maritime sector.
  • Power Electronics:
    We cooperate with world leading manufacturers of power electronic components and offer you perfectly matched drive systems for your applications.
  • System Solutions:
    We take care of the complete package for your drive train – a one-stop-shop for:
    Motor – Inverter – Battery – Charger

5 kW - 10kW - 15kW

FEAAM electric outboard motor


FEAAM Inboard Motor HFT 144 / HFT 96

FEAAM HFT-400 Large Drive Traction Motor

FEAAM 3D excited claw pole machine

FEAAM EBike and Pedelec Traction Motor

Generator for Wind and Water Applications

FEAAM Induction motor for traction applications

with concentrated windings

FEAAM Curtis 1238E

144V Inverter for drive solutions

144V Inverter für Antriebslösungen

48V Inverter for drive solutions

FEAAM Curtis 1232SE

FEAAM Bidirectional DC/DC Converter

800V / 400V to 48V

3,6kW or 11kW or 22kW @ 800V / 400V / 48V

FEAAM Bidirectional charger

FEAAM Bidirectional Power Factor Correction

Text Layer

3.6kW - 11kW

Fully integrated drivetrain concept for a

battery electric lightweight sports car