Design and Concepts

In everyday life we encounter complex problems, which usually have to be overcome with technical aids or complex solutions.

We, the FEAAM GmbH, are your personal contact for exactly this moment when a solution does not seem to be within reach. We research and develop solutions for you according to your specifications – always with top quality and highest cost efficiency.

Our areas of expertise in concepts, designs and feasibility studies are:

  • Design of Electric Drives
  • Inverter and Charging Systems
  • Control Technology
  • Power Network
  • Robotic
  • High-  and Low Voltage Systems
  • Special Applications
Robotik - Antriebe für Industrieroboter

Robotics - Drives for Industrial Robots

On-Board Power Net for Vehicles

Bordnetze für Kraftfahrzeuge

Drive System for Wind Turbines

Antrieb für Windkrafträder

Control Engineering - Design of Test Bench Control

Regelungstechnik - Design von Prüfstandsregelungen

Robotic - Drives for Unmanned Aircrafts

Robotik - Antriebe für Unbemannte Flugzeuge

E-Drive for Fans

Elektromotor für Lüftungen

High Performance Electric Motors for Formula E and Motorsports

High Performance Elektromotoren für Formula E und Motorsport
Ladetechnik - Induktives Hochleistungsladen

Charging Technology - Inductive High Performance Charging

Ladetechnik - 48V On Board Charger Design

Charging Technology - 48V On Board Charger Design


Converter Design

Ladetechnik - Design von 500 kW Supercharging mit Supraleitertechnologie

using Superconductivity

Charging Technology - Design of 500 kW Supercharging