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We, the Re­search Cen­ter for Elec­tri­cal Drives and Actu­ators, are one of the world-lea­ding en­ginee­ring ser­vice pro­viders for de­sign and tes­ting of elec­tri­cal ma­chines. Our co­opera­tion with the Chair of Elec­tri­cal Drives and Actu­ators at the Uni­versi­ty of the Fede­ral Armed For­ces Munich allows us to keep our ex­per­tise at the high­est stage and offer glo­bally unique equip­ment and possi­bili­ties.

Current Events

e-mobility days

E-Mobilitätstage   –    e-mobility days
15 & 16 May 2020,  Campus site of Bundeswehr University Munich in Neubiberg

Road Show & Test Drives & Presentations
Prof. D. Gerling: „Die Zukunft der elektrischen Mobilität“ and
Dr.-Ing. A. Greifelt: „Elektromobilität – Wandel 2020″

IWED 2020, Moscow

IWED 2020, IEE 27th International Workshop on Electric Drives
27-30 Jan 2020,   Moscow
Presentation by Fei Lu on: Combination of Luenberger Observer and PI Controller for Rotor Flux Linkage Estimation, by using Induction Motor Saturation Model”


ips smart production solutions 26. - 28.11.2019

EDPC-2019, Electric Drives Production Conf. 2019,  03 – 04 December 2019, Esslingen, Germany
Presentation by Dr.-Ing. A. Greifelt on: “Series Production Challanges of high efficient Flux Barrier Permanent Magnet Machines”

PEDS, 13th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems

ICEMS, 11-14 August 2019, Harbin, China
22. IEEE International Conference on Electrical Machines and Systems
Presentation by Fei Lu on: Multi-objective Optimization for DFIG Based Wind Energy Conversion System by using NSGA-II”

PEDS, 13th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems

PEDS 2019, July 09-12 2019, Toulouse, France
13th IEEE International Conference on Power Electronics and Drive Systems
Presentation by J. Gerold on: “Design Rules for Stators with Flux Barriers”

ICCEP 2019, Int. Conference on Clean Electric Power

ICCEP, July 02-04 2019, Otranto, Italy
7th International Conference on Clean Electrical Power
Presentation by D. Dajaku on: “PM Wind Generator with Reduced Rare Earth Magnet Material”

IEMDC 2019, 12.-15.05.2019, San Diego, CA, USA

Wireless Power Week 2019, June 17-21 2019, London
Participation at the conference und poster session by:
Ch. Roth on: „Novel Calculation Model for Bunched Litz Wires“

IEMDC 2019, 12.-15.05.2019, San Diego, CA, USA

IEMDC, May 12-15 2019, Westin San Diego, CA, USA
Participation at the conference with contributions from:
G. Dajaku on: “Novel Rotor Design with Reduced Rare-Earth Material for PM Machines”
J. Gerold on: “An Equivalent Winding Factor larger than 1 by using Flux Barriers in the Stator”

all about automation, 12.-13. March 2019, Friedrichshafen, Germany

Trade fair for industrial automation

Participation in the fair

Plugboat, 18-19.10.2018, Venice, Italy
Participation in the conference – presentation by J. Gerold, A. Greifelt on:
Multi-motor Concept for Watercraft Drivetrain Applications”

SPEEDAM,  20.-22.06.2018,   Amalfi Coast, Italy
Participation in the conference – presentation by G. Dajaku about:
Self-excited Synchronous Machine with High Torque Capability at Zero Speed”

CADFEM ANSYS, 15.-17.11.2017, Koblenz, Germany
Presentation by A. Greifelt on:
„Reduction of Simulation Time  of Electromagnetic Finite Element Anslysis Using Virtual Harddrives”

IEEE COBEP, 19.-22.11.2017, Juiz de Fora (MG), Brazil
Presentation by A. Greifelt on: „Modular 11kW bidirectional onboard charger with SiC-MOSFET Technology for mobile applications“

IEEE VPPC, 11.-14.12.2017, Belfort, France
Participation in the conference with contribution from A. Greifelt on: „High temperature superconductor based 500 kW smart grid charging for mobile applications“

IEEE PEDS, 12.-15.12.2017, Honolulu (HI), USA
Presentation by B. Dotz on: „Design Considerations on a 36-Slot 28-Pole Permanent Magnet Drive“